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Our challenge is to create an atmosphere where all sincere believers can feel they’ve found a place called “home” and a people they can call "family".

That being said, we realise the importance of protecting the core foundational truths prescribed in scripture as untouchable and un-debatable. The foundation so carefully built by Christ and his Apostles are not to be compromised and serve to sustain and mature the believer within the community of the church. We commit to preserve and defend the following core beliefs upon which our body thrives…


We believe the bible in it’s entirety is the inspired Word of God and is the revelation of God to man. It stands as the only reference point and standard for how we should live, a rule of faith and conduct. It is a love letter from God to the reader and reveals truth and life.


We believe there is ONE God existing in THREE eternal persons, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Father gave His Son and that the Father and Son sent the Holy Spirit to the church when Jesus went back to be with the Father after His resurrection .God is ever-present, all-powerful and all-knowing. He is full of grace, mercy and justice and is sovereign at all times being unlimited in His knowledge and wisdom of all matters.


Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man. He was like us but was sinless being conceived by the Holy Spirit of God and born of a virgin. He came, lived, died on a cross, rose from a grave, ascended to heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father as an advocate for us.


He is our Friend, Comforter and Helper. He communicates heavens desire for our lives. He is with us, drawing us to Jesus. He is in us after asking Christ to forgive us and live in our hearts, resulting in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. He comes upon us, giving us spiritual gifts that enable us to walk in power and love to help those in the church and in the world. All believers should welcome the Holy Spirit and His help to impact their lives and this world.


We were created to worship God and fellowship with him forever. Our rebellion in the garden was not forced but was our choice and introduced the curse of sin in our lives. Jesus rescued us, bearing our sins that we could be reconciled to God. He gave His sinless blood and life on the cross as an offering to God for our sins. Sin has condemned us all to death but God offers forgiveness and salvation through Christ to all who would receive it. Salvation is about a relationship, not a religion. It is the choice of each person to receive or reject God’s free gift that will ultimately lead to eternal life or death. We believe that salvation is by grace through faith without works of any kind. We believe in the eternal security and preservation of every true believer.


The church is the body of Christ. In the church, God, with Jesus being the Head of the body, positions each believer in the body with their gifts and abilities. The church has a mission. We are to go to the world and share Jesus. We are to make disciples, train those who come to Jesus, teaching them to obey all His teachings. The church is a refuge to a lost and dying world. All should be welcomed and cared for. We believe that water baptism is the first step of obedience after accepting Christ and is a public demonstration and confession of what God has done in us. The old person buried and the new person raised to new life in Jesus. We believe that we should celebrate communion as we remember His death on the cross.


When we receive Christ we give ourselves to His cause to reach others. To follow Him we must deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him, wherever that may lead. He has promised to be with us and never leave us. Denying ourselves is our greatest challenge as our flesh seeks its own will. Following Jesus leads to a full and satisfied life, both now and eternally.


We believe in the second coming of Christ. that His coming will be bodily and imminent; that He will first gather out of the world those who believe on Him and that He will later physically return to the earth to rule and reign as King for one thousand years. God will then judge those who rejected Jesus Christ and they will be forever separated from God.

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Detailed Doctrinal Statement
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